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The #SchoolMeetsWorld Podcast Episode 1 is out now!


In this 4 part series, alongside Roma Dhameja, we will be talking about the big issues and problems that are facing the Education System in the 21st Century. We had a blast making it & know that you will enjoy listening to it!

This episode is all about Race & Representation & how it affects the Education System & beyond!

In this episode, we look at:

  • The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report, its impact and whether we can really measure racial discrimination. We also talk about the power of representation.

  • Has race relations got better or worse Post George Floyd


  • Are humans just naturally prejudiced and if so, does that mean we cannot eradicate racism from our society?

This episode, I was absolutely delighted to be joined by my good friend Adrian McLean, @Character_guy. Adrian is a former Headteacher and current Trust Leader and he's a powerful voice when it comes to inclusivity and representation.

Adrian shares his years of experience as a Head and why representation is so important in our Education system. Adrian was dropping truth bombs that left us speechless & I am sure that you will be equally in awe!

Click the links below on your favourite podcast service to listen to the episode!😎 👇🏾


Apple Podcasts

Castbox (if you don't use Spotify or Apple)

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See ya!



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