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Action Hero Teacher Wins a Book Award!

Hello People!

I hope that you are enjoying your Summer Holidays so far!

Here's a quick one from me:


Learning Ladders in partnership with Twinkl have named the AHT book in the 'Top 40 Best Books for Educators Summer 2021.'

Learning Ladders and Twinkl are huge educational software companies offering resources and training to educators worldwide! Combined, these companies have a global audience of one million educators!

The awards panel featured teachers, school leaders, and EdTech entrepreneurs including Learning Ladders’ founder, Matt Koster-Marcon, who is also Chair of the EdTech Special Interest Group at BESA.

We’re proud to be included in the list, and would also like to congratulate the other shortlisted books for their incredible work. Also, thank you for continuing to support AHT - you guys make all these things possible!

Visit the full list of recommended books that cover topics such as wellbeing, educational leadership, and diversity and inclusion in schools.

That's it from me! Thank you guys for being awesome! The AHT blog will be officially back in September 2021.

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You guys rock!



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