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Teaching Generation Z @ the University of Essex – watch the one hour plus webinar for FREE.

Hello People.

I have an absolute treat for you.

On Wednesday 16th June, I delivered a 90-minute webinar for the University of Essex as part of CPD week (Thank you @EssexUni – it was an honour!)

& guess what? They have put up the entire lecture on their website for you to enjoy, free of charge!

In this webinar I discuss:

  • The ‘Trust Mountain’ model of Behaviour Management and how it can help you identify & engage the 4 types of students in your classroom.

  • To identify your own classroom management style and learn the 3 styles that you MUST avoid to keep your class onside.

  • What is ‘Emotional Highjacking’ & the three types of bodily responses that could disrupt effective teaching & learning in your classroom.

  • The Pygmalion Effect & how positive encouragement can supercharge your learners’ classroom potential.

  • Communication secrets used by top FBI Agents that will help you soothe & build rapport with the most challenging learners.

  • LAST - The sales framework that will help you engage emotionally dysregulated students & help them to self-reflect on troubling behaviour.

Don’t say that I don’t look after you! 😎

Click on the link below & scroll down the page to get a link to the talk & the PowerPoint slides. 👇🏾

But wait there’s more:

Guys that talk was touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all things Generation Z.

Teaching will NEVER return to normal post-COVID.

Grab my FREE eBook "Teaching Generation Z" to give in-depth analysis and practical tips that will help you inspire your students & take your teaching to the next level.

Teachers, my aims with this detailed 32 page eBook are simple:

1) To give you the Bird's Eye view of how these revolutionary times shape our students' worldviews and attitudes.

2) And give you practical, hands-on, tips, tricks & solutions to keep your students engaged, inspired & behaving a little better in your classrooms… Physically or virtually!

Add your email to the subscription box below & get your free eBook in under 60 seconds!

Thank you for reading!



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