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Listen to the Behaviour Bites Podcast with Karl C. Pupé

Hi Guys!

Have you got a spare 15 minutes? I'm being serious.

If you do, Listen to the Behaviour Bites podcast with the wonderful Clare Edmondson (@change_Beh on Twitter) as talk all about Behaviour Management especially with Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) challenged students.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How trauma can adversely shape our students' brains & make it more difficult for them in a classroom setting.

  • Tips, tricks & strategies about how to utilise effective behaviour management.

  • What is one of my favourite books!

Honestly, I believe it's one of the best behaviour management podcasts I have been on & I had an absolute blast talking to Clare - & I know you will enjoy it too!

Click the link below to get your 15 minutes of Behaviour Management goodness! 😎 👇🏾

While you Are Here...

If you are interested in our young people's mental health, you will know that the extraordinary events that we are living through have had a massive effect on our students well being. This current generation is growing up in a time of great crisis & instability.

I believe that we are living through one of the most remarkable periods in Human History. The COVID pandemic is just the beginning & things will never return to normal.

Our students are called 'Generation Z' - & they have a front-row ticket to these radical changes in our world. The 'old-school ways of teaching are done.

I have written a 32-page detailed analysis on these current trends called "Teaching Generation Z" that is designed to help you understand & motivate your students. grab yourself a FREE copy below.

Teachers, my aims with this eBook are simple:

1) To give you the Bird's Eye view of how these revolutionary times shape our students' worldviews and attitudes.

2) And give you practical, hands-on, tips, tricks & solutions to keep your students engaged, inspired & behaving a little better in your classrooms… Physically or virtually!

Add your email to the subscription box below & get your free eBook in under 60 seconds!

It's that easy.



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