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Watch 'How To Set Rules In A Multicultural Classroom' on the @LetsDoHumans Podcast

Hello Guys!

Hope that you are good! Just a quick one:

Watch my conversation with my good friend Francis on his wonderful podcast @LetsDoHumans all about Behaviour Management.

@LetsDoHumans is an educational podcast hosted by Francis Gyamera as he takes on the hot topics that are shaping society today. Francis speaks to scientists, academics, artists and even career criminals to learn what it means to be human in modern society.

In this episode (recorded in January 2020 - hence the lack of social distancing), he invited me to talk about my first book 'The Action Hero Teacher.' In this podcast we cover:

1) Why most traditional behaviour management methods don't work in multicultural settings

2) How to engage difficult learners

3) We look at the future of Education in the Information Age.

I had a blast recording it & I am sure that you will take something from it. Also, we talk about our mutual disappointment with Arsenal FC. (It hasn't got better... 😂)

Click the link below to watch the full episode! 👇🏾

Did you enjoy that conversation? As you know, 3 months after we spoke the whole world got turned upside down...

COVID19 has changed the Education system & our society forever. The old way of teaching young people has started to crumble away...

Do you want to get some insights into where we are heading?

Grab my FREE eBook "Teaching Generation Z" to give in-depth analysis and practical tips that will help you inspire your students & take your teaching to the next level.

Teachers, my aims with this detailed 32 page eBook are simple:

1) To give you the Bird's Eye view of how these revolutionary times shape our students' worldviews and attitudes.

2) And give you practical, hands-on, tips, tricks & solutions to keep your students engaged, inspired & behaving a little better in your classrooms… Physically or virtually!

Add your email to the subscription box below & get your free eBook in under 60 seconds!

Speak soon!

Karl from



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