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Join Me for the #EmpatheticEducators Live Talk on Saturday 22nd May @ 11:45am - DON'T MISS IT!

Howdy Guys!

Quick question: What you doing this coming Saturday around noon?

Come & have lunch with me & #EmpatheticEducators.

Join me on Saturday 22nd May at 11:45 am with the wonderful @naomi_toland as we talk about what classroom management looks like post-COVID19 & how do we teach our current cohort: Generation Z.

It's a Livestream so you will be able to ask questions, interact with us & get in on all the fun. Also, it's my favourite number: IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE. Click the link below this Saturday at 11:45 to get involved!

But before you watch the show, make sure that you get the 'knowledge...'

Download my free detailed 32 page eBook called (you guessed it) "Teaching Generation Z" which will give you the 'inside track' on teaching the crisis generation.

Teachers, my aims with this eBook are simple:

1) To give you the Bird's Eye view of how these revolutionary times shape our students' worldviews and attitudes.

2) And give you practical, hands-on, tips, tricks & solutions to keep your students engaged, inspired & behaving a little better in your classrooms… Physically or virtually!

Add your email to the subscription box below & get your free eBook in under 60 seconds!

Let's go!



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