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5 Things You Need to Become the ‘Drake’ of Behaviour Management

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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Whether you love him or hate him - you can’t deny that this guy is extremely talented.

Audrey ‘Drake’ Graham is on top of the world right now and he isn’t letting go. As multi-platinum selling rapper and singer, Drake came, saw and conquered every aspect of the entertainment industry.

Drake is a successful actor, record label owner, TV producer, model and even has his own whiskey (seriously look it up). With 170 million dollars sitting in the bank, Drake is spinning many plates without breaking any - and looking damn good doing it.

Drake’s musical range is what sets him apart from his peers. Drizzy can sing a sweet RnB song like “Find Your Love” but can battle rap with the best of them on tracks like the “Duppy Freestyle.”

Dear teachers, although Drake clearly left the classroom ages ago, his music career can act as a great example of how you can manage behaviour in your classrooms.

Old school behaviour management is all about asserting control over the class, forcing them to listen to you - or else. While that worked in the 70s, it certainly won’t work on this generation.

If your students can pick up their phones and tell the Prime Minister where he (and his mum) can go, what makes you think they are going to listen to you?

Like Drake mastered Pop Music, you need to master 5 separate areas of Behaviour Management to become the superstar educators of your classrooms.

1) Learn to lead rather than react to classroom behaviour.

You are not merely a teacher but the LEADER of your classrooms.

My theory is simple: The more your students' RESPECT and LIKE you, the more they will behave positively in your lessons.

Great leaders have 2 things:

Do you know your students? Are your lessons filled with class clowns? Disrupters? Non-responders? Goody-Goody Two Shoes? Do they all get on? Or is does the classroom look like the Normandy beach scene in ‘Saving Private Ryan’?

How do you ’turn up’ in the classroom? Are you the Incredible Hulk or Mother Theresa? Who YOU are will affect who THEY are. And YOU have to manage it.

2) Set Effective Classroom Ground Rules

Hoping that your students will follow the School Rules is not enough. As the leader of your classroom, you must set the tone and expectations in your space.

You must be skilful enough to make an agreement with your pupils on how you are going to work together.

Successful rule-setting establishes your authority yet showcases your emotional intelligence by letting them have a say.

But it’s not over… You will need strategies to deal with the 3 types of behaviour that will appear in your spaces of learning. They are...

3) Make Your Classroom a 'Happy' Space

You must master "Positive Behaviour Strategies" or more simply, strategies that make you and the learner feel good when you use them. They can be used to encourage, motivate and positively challenge your students. You will need to understand:

4) Deal With Minor Disruptions That Drag Down Learning

You must learn to deal with “Low-Level Disruption" or in other words, behaviour that slows down the lesson, irritates others and generally makes your job harder.

If you have ever struggled to get through a session because of calling out, students 'messing around' and chatting constantly then, you will need to know:

  • How to set boundaries effectively.

  • How to ’read the room’ and match your lessons to the energy of your students.

  • How to break down tasks into ‘micro’ goals when learners refuse to work.

  • How to use your body and voice to stop disruption without stopping your lessons.

5) Manage Crisis Situations Like An Action Hero

In your career, you will face crisis situations that will stop everything in your classroom until it is dealt with. This could be aggressive behaviour towards you or others. Or a disengaged student who is making everyone’s life a misery. You must gain the tools to:

And you will probably have to do all these things at the same time. Now, don’t worry - I have your back.

The Action Hero Teacher Blog is your friend in the staffroom with that warm milky cup of tea and chocolate digestive, ready to work with you every step of the way.

We will start from the bottom and go through all the things that will help you conquer your classrooms like Drake conquers the charts.

It’s simple. Sign up to Action Hero Teacher blog below to get the latest blog updates, workshop invites and other goodies that will make you feel like dancing like a pop superstar in your school every day.

Karl from actionheroteacher.com


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