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Grab the "Teaching Generation Z" eBook - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Mock up of the 'Teaching Generation Z' eBook
Grab 'Teaching Generation Z' absolutely FREE

And I have delivered.

Based on the successful NEU webinar that I gave recently, I have developed a 32 page eBook that will help you become the superheroes of your classrooms in these crazy times.

This eBook is designed to help you understand how the seismic changes that are rocking our society affect your students & will give you an 'edge' on how to engage them.

The eBook covers:

  • The generational framework discovered 30 years ago that gives us insight into what is happening now & the characteristics of a 'crisis generation.'

  • Generation Z - who they are & what they stand for & ways to 'tap in' into your students without looking like a plonker.

  • Practical, actionable & clear strategies that will help you engage & inspire your students - physically or virtually!

And much more!

You will also be getting exclusive never-seen-before content from my new book "The Action Hero Teacher 2" which will be coming out later this year!

If you want to grab this beauty it's very simple: Click the link below, signup to the AHT newsletter & you will have the eBook delivered straight to your mailbox - all under a minute. 👇🏾

Thank you for reading in advance - You're gonna enjoy it!



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