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NEU Teaching Generation Z webinar - On Wednesday 13th January at 3:30pm - A Must See!!!

2021 has so far felt like this...

Since Lockdown 3 has been announced, it feels like we have plunged into the same madness of 2020 - & we are still expected to teach our terrified students through these revolutionary times...

If you are an educator who wants to understand how these seismic changes are affecting your students & want to get an 'edge' on how to lead this crisis generation, then this webinar is for you!

I will be delivering a special one-hour online webinar for the National Education Union called 'Teaching Generation Z' on Wednesday 13th January at 3.30pm.

The webinar will cover:

  • The generational framework discovered 30 years ago that gives us insight into what is happening now & how to lead your class effectively in these crazy times.

  • We take a closer look at Generation Z & work out their likes & dislikes that will help you 'tap in' into your students & become the hero of your classroom.

  • Practical, actionable & clear strategies that will help you engage & inspire your students - physically or virtually!

And much more!

I am sooooo excited about this talk as I will be revealing never-seen-before content from my new book "The Action Hero Teacher 2" which will be coming out later this year - A real exclusive!

This is absolutely free for NEU members!

If you are a NEU member & you want to come along, reserve your place here:

Places are limited so you need to move fast!

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See you there!

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