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3's A Social Podcast - "The Action Hero Teacher" Deep Dive

Do you want a Deep Dive into "The Action Hero Teacher" book?

Do you like good vibes, humour & practical hands-on advice?

Then this podcast is for you.

Join me with the excellent guys from 3's A Social (@3saSocial on Twitter) on their brilliant podcast where we talk about:

  • Why teachers are not adequately prepared to handle poor behaviour & what they can do about it.

  • The 4 types of students that enter your classroom, how they behave & how to effectively deal with them.

  • Why money management lessons are absolutely critical for our current students & what we can do to help them.

And much more!

This happened in Summer 2019 & this was my first ever podcast interview & I had an absolute blast! I know that you are going to enjoy it too!

Click the link below to get access!

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