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AHT4 "Revolution: Are schools failing to prepare our students for the future?" Summary

Hi Guys!


I want to say a huge thank for all those people who have helped make these Twitterchat interactive, fun & insightful!

Over this 4 Twitterchats, the #ActionHeroTeacher hashtag has been seen over 100,000 times! And that is all down to YOU.

Thank you for all your support over the last couple of months with this project - You made it what it was.

The last chat focused on a simple theme: With all the dramatic changes that are occurring in our post-COVID society, is the Education system preparing our students for the rise of the Information Age?

Here is a summary of the best responses from the superstars of #Edutwitter.


Q1. Did formal education (from primary to university level) prepare you for the Real World? If not, what did you

wish you had learnt in school?

Q2. Many young people feel cheated by the narrative that

getting a university degree guaranteed a solid financial future. What went wrong & is Education guilty of pushing a false premise?

Q3. Creativity & critical thinking are Digital Age skills. Do

our schools kill our students’ creativity & ability to think critically?

Q4. Is our current Education system equipped to prepare our students for the Digital Age? What new skills must our students learn?

Q5. With increasing job insecurity and economic disruption, should we encourage our students to develop entrepreneurial skills?

There you have it!

It was a blast to host & hopefully it will be back in the near future!

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