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#ActionHeroTeacher chat 4 - Are Our Schools Preparing Our Kids For The Future - THE LAST ONE!

Hello, Treacles.

One more week until the Holidays. Give yourself a pat on the back if you have made it this far!

On Sunday 20th December at 7pm BST, come & join me for the last #ActionHeroTeacher twitterchat where I ask:

Revolution: Are schools failing to prepare our children for the future?

2020 has felt like the season finale to a Netflix series: A global pandemic, accelerating climate emergencies, global tensions around race & equality and a volatile US Election.

Also, this year has ended on a more positive note, we are not out of the woods yet…

With the:

  • growth of Artificial Intelligence & the ever-increasing automation of jobs,

  • the continuing fallout of Brexit,

  • & the seismic social & cultural changes ripping through our society,

is our current Education system equipping our students with the knowledge & the skill to navigate these choppy waters? Or we giving them knives to enter a gunfight?

Before you tuck into your Christmas dinner & enjoy your socially distanced festivities, join me for the last time to talk about the future of our profession & students’ lives!

This will be the last #ActionHeroTeacher chat for the foreseeable future.

We had a good run, with the hashtag averaging 30,000 views – I couldn’t have done that without you.

Don’t worry – AHT won’t leave you hanging…

In 2021, there will be a whole raft of new content that will educate, inspire & entertain you – an announcement is coming soon so watch this space. 😉

Let’s go out with a bang shall we?

Do you want to know the latest AHT news, events & goodies when they come up? Well, that’s very simple… Sign up to AHT blog below. It will take less time than you scoffing down your Christmas sausage roll.

Give yourself an early Christmas prezzie!



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