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25 Subjects We Can Teach That Will Prepare Our Students For Life

Hi people, Karl here.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I wanted to write a couple of blogs that were more personal, intimate & shorter for your reading pleasure! These blogs will not only cover Behaviour Management but a whole array of subjects in Education. I hope that they entertain you & cause you to think a little differently… Enjoy!


I’m Never Going To Use This In My Life

10P let out a groan as I handed them the still-warm photocopied worksheets for their cover lesson. Their faces, were a mix of bemusement, defeat and cold anger as they were had to deal with.

“This is so boring.”

“This subject is dead.”

“Mr Pupé you are being so peak man.”

Wearily but firmly I explained the usual teacher speech about ‘passing their GCSEs’ & ‘how you need great GCSEs to get a job’ & hoped that would be the end of it.

But then Hassan,* our resident stand-up comedian/agent provocateur spoke up.

“Sir, why are we doing this? I’m never going to use this in my life. Honestly, I learn this stuff for the test & then I forget about it. Doing worksheets will not help me get a job.”

Although I hated to admit it, Hassan was right.

Why do we do Education like this?

Teaching 21st Century Kids In 19th Century Classrooms

I want you to imagine that I was Dr Who & I took my TARDIS back in time to a late 19th Century classroom & manage to persuade a secondary school teacher to accompany me to a 21st Century ‘school of the future.’

Bar the Internet & the interactive whiteboard, I don’t think that he will see very little difference between how he taught and what we do now.

In a world that within 100 years, managed to put Man on the Moon, broken the Sound Barrier, unravelled the secrets of Black Holes & created the World Wide Web. The way that we educate our young grasshoppers seems… obsolete.

Our kids are no longer competing with John from Gloucestershire, but a computer algorithm in ‘The Cloud.’

We live in a world where humans are becoming more like machines & machines are becoming more like humans.

The Magic Curriculum

I will write a more fact-based, detail-filled blog about this topic soon but for now, I want to do a little thought experiment. I call this ‘The Magic Curriculum.’

If I was the King of Britain (it’s make-believe OK?) And I had absolute power to change the curriculum & put whatever subjects that I wanted, here’s a couple of subjects that I would want to see implemented.

  • Personal Finances & basic tax law

  • Investing

  • How to secure a mortgage & purchase your own home

  • How to get a credit card & how to manage debt

  • How to pick the right partners for long term romantic relationships

  • How to learn from failure

  • How to successfully manage Office Politics

  • How to cook healthy meals on a budget

  • How to perform minor repairs to your car

  • How to disagree with people without destroying the relationship

  • How to pick good friends

  • Basic self-defence

  • How to think critically

  • How to negotiate

  • Creativity

  • Entrepreneurship

  • How to do basic plumbing/electrics

  • How to raise emotionally healthy children (This would be at KS5 – I don’t want to encourage baby-making too early).

  • How to look after your mental health & practice good self-care

  • How to change a lightbulb

  • Basic coding & how to build a computer

  • How to sew & mend your clothes

  • How to travel & explore the World

  • How to deal with the death of a loved one

  • How to build up your own self-confidence

I think that these would be a good start. What would you like to add to your own Magic Curriculum? Message me on Twitter @actionheroteach & tell me!

That was a really whimsical blogpost - the first of its kind! But if you want to read a detailed report on what on how to teach our 21st-century students then you are in for a treat...

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Karl from

*Not his real name



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