Are you a teacher?

Do you struggle with classroom management? Does your organisation struggle with students that just won't engage? Do you have students that make you & your colleagues' lives a living hell? Do you feel like your students manage you rather than the other way around?

If so, you need to teach like an Action Hero.

Karl C. Pupé, the author of "The Action Hero Teacher: Classroom Management Made Simple," runs workshops that help teachers feel like heroes in their classrooms. As a former NEETs Coordinator and SEMH teacher, Karl shares his wealth of knowledge gained by working with some of London’s most challenging students. In his straightforward and conversational style, Karl will teach you:

•   The four types of students that are in every class and how to manage them.

•   How to set rules your students will actually follow.

•   The three most common teaching styles that will turn your class against you and how to avoid them.

•   How to get respect and influence your students, quickly and easily.

•   How to talk to your angriest learners, without freaking out.

And much more. Although all his methods are based on scientific and psychological principles, his workshops are dynamic, fun and very relevant to the everyday teacher who wants to make a difference in the classroom. 



Karl C. Pupé is a qualified classroom teacher with a decade's experience across the Primary, Secondary and Further Education sectors. Specialising in Behaviour Management, he worked as a Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs) Coordinator teaching students with severe Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties. Karl has designed and facilitated rehabilitation classes for Year 8 to 11 students who have been excluded from Mainstream Education and were at risk of becoming NEETs themselves. Karl has earned a Level 4 ILM Diploma in Leadership and Management in Further Education.

Karl has worked with a number of organisations including the prestigious National Education Union which is the largest education association in Europe.

The 'Action Hero Teacher Blog' was ranked by the influential PR and marketing software company Vuelio as one of the 'The Top 10 Education blogs' in the United Kingdom in September 2020.




This is an inspiring and practical read... I devoured it — the style is open, funny, compelling and accessible. For teachers it’s a brilliant hands-on guide to dealing with difficult situations... Don’t let teachers hog this amazing book! I would give it six stars if I could.

Viv Groskop, best selling author of "How To Own The Room," stand-up comedian, TV and Radio Presenter




A two-hour intensive workshop that gives teachers the foundations of effective classroom management. Topics include:

  • Trust Mountain Classroom Management Theory© & how to identify the four types of learners that enter your classroom.

  • The foundations of using positive reinforcement to encourage learners and challenge them without damaging the relationship.

  • The foundations of crisis management - using proven strategies to prevent and deal with severe classroom disruption efficiently.



The part-day workshop includes everything in the 'mini-workshop' with these additions:

  • Trust Mountain Extended - an in-depth study of the four types of learners that enter your classroom. We will analyse their behaviour, motivations and triggers and look at ways to engage and encourage them with the least amount of friction.

  • The Classroom Management Spectrum - an in-depth analysis of the common teaching styles that antagonise learners and how to avoid them. We will look at the role that 'authority' and 'empathy' play in defining a teacher's management style and look at how to create a rapport yet set appropriate boundaries.

  • The Social Contract - we will look at how to set effective Ground Rules that the students will value and respect with minimal effort.



This workshop is the most extensive of the range. The whole-day workshop includes everything in the 'part-day workshop' but adds:

  • Case study reviews - we will analyse real world scenarios where potential flashpoint situations may occur in your classroom. Armed with tools that you will be taught, you will learn to troubleshoot & look at alternative yet effective ways to resolve conflict.

  • Study how body language and tone of voice affect your perceived authority and how to use your body as a classroom management tool.

  • We will look at 'emotional hijacking' - the state of being that humans enter when they are distressed, angry or afraid and how that leads to severe disruptions in the classroom. We will study the biology of ‘emotional hijacking,’ the signs and learn how to resolve these situations when they occur.

  • Every teacher who undertakes the training will receive a free signed copy of the "Action Hero Teacher" for personal reference.

Every institution is different and we aim to make sure that we tailor our service to your requirements. Please fill in the form below stating which workshop that you are interested in and give as much information about your institution as possible. We will give you a call-back to discuss how we can help and create a tailor-made package for you.


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NEU Challenging Behaviour Webinar - Wednesday 23rd September @ 3.30pm
Wed, Sep 23
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Sep 23, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM GMT+1
NEU CPD online
If you are an NEU member, join me on Monday 24th August for a special classroom management webinar - Tickets are limited!
NEU Challenging Behaviour Webinar - Thurs 27th August @ 2pm
Thu, Aug 27
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Aug 27, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
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If you are an NEU member, join me on Monday 24th August for a special classroom management webinar - Tickets are limited!
NEU Challenging Behaviour Webinar - Mon 24th August @ 10am
Mon, Aug 24
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Aug 24, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
NEU CPD online
If you are an NEU member, join me on Monday 24th August for a special classroom management webinar - Tickets are limited!


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