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Calling All Budding Writers & Bloggers... Come & Join the Crew!

Hello Guys.

It's Karl speaking.

I started this blog in April of this year for 2 reasons:

1) To help teachers feel more confident in their classrooms

2) To stop myself going insane during the UK Lockdown...

In that short period, my blog has been seen over a thousand times and read dozens of different countries from Thailand to Nigeria.

This blog has made me realise there are so many talented & earnest teachers that are making a tremendous difference in the lives of the students that they teach.

And I want to hear from you.

If you are a budding writer/blogger & you have an idea about how to engage the 'youfs,' then please write a blog post for

Come & join the growing AHT community - you don't have to write a PhD thesis either - if you have passion & idea you want to write about which is longer than a tweet, you are welcome here.

On my main page, navigate to the 'Contact' section at the bottom.


hit me up on my Instagram or Twitter feeds!

It's a great way to share practice & grow your Education network - while looking cooler than Keanu Reeves in a tailored suit...

I look forward to hearing from you!



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