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NEU Supply Teacher Training on Wednesday 11th November at 3:30pm - Don't Miss It!

It's hard enough being a teacher. But when you do supply & you walk into a classroom, it can feel like this...

If you are a supply teacher who feels like you are facing a room full of hungry velociraptors, then this training is for you!

I will be delivering a special one-hour online webinar for the National Education Union looking at Classroom Management for long & short term supply staff on Wednesday 11th November at 3.30pm.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to ooze quiet charisma & authority like Michelle & Barack Obama to build rapport.

  • A simple yet effective sales trick used by the late Steve Jobs that will make you more persuasive to even the most difficult students.

  • Techniques used by top FBI hostage negotiators to calm down bank robbers & terrorists.

  • A simple framework used by Arsenal's current manager Mikel Arteta to keep your students in line.

I will be sharing my top Jedi tips and tricks that help me deal with the most disruptive students - you don't want to miss this!

This is absolutely free for NEU members!

If you are a NEU member & you want to come along, reserve your place here:

Places are limited so you need to move fast!

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See you there!



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