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NEU Supply Teacher Training on Wednesday 5th May at 3:30pm - Don't Miss It!

Being a Supply Teacher is a bloody hard job. Any short to medium term cover is complicated. You spend most of your time, you look like this...

If you are as frustrated as good old Joe in your classroom, then this training is for you!

I will be delivering a special one-hour online webinar for the National Education Union looking at Classroom Management for long & short term supply staff on Wednesday 28th May at 3.30pm.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to ooze quiet charisma & authority like Michelle & Barack Obama to build rapport.

  • A simple yet effective sales trick used by the late Steve Jobs that will make you more persuasive to even the most difficult students.

  • Techniques used by top FBI hostage negotiators to calm down bank robbers & terrorists.

  • A simple framework used by Arsenal's current manager Mikel Arteta to keep your students in line.

I will be sharing my top tips and tricks that give you Behaviour Management skills worthy to impress a president.

This is absolutely free for NEU members!

If you are a NEU member & you want to come along, reserve your place here:

Places are limited so you need to move fast!

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See you there!


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