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#ActionHeroTeacher Chat 3 - Sunday 25th October! It's All About The Money, Money, Money...

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Wonga, loot, cheddar, cheese, bread, paper, Queen Lizzies, green, stacks, bills, bags, cream.

Abba sang about it.

If you haven't guessed by now I'm talking about money.

Our British Education System has always excelled at teaching the intricacies of King Henry VIII's marital status & the natural miracle of photosynthesis but many critics like MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis believe that schools woefully prepare of our students for the realities of dealing with money.

In fact, in 2018, he even self-funded the first-ever personal finance textbook and sent 45,000 copies to state schools throughout Great Britain.

The statistics are worrying:

With our economy spluttering to a halt from COVID19 & the potential risks of a Hard Brexit coming over the horizon, the subject of money has become more pertinent than ever!

Join me on Sunday 25th October at 7pm British Standard Time where I will host the 3rd #ActionHeroTeacher Twitter chat to look at how we teach Personal Finance in school & whether the Education sector needs to do something about this.

The questions will cover these themes:

Did you learn anything significant about money management in school?

Should we create a separate GCSE dedicated to Personal Finance?

With the traditional 9-to-5 working career being disrupted should we teach our students how to be entrepreneurial?

And much more!

On Sunday 25th October at 7pm, eat your Sunday Roast and be part of the debate. Start your half-term holidays with a bang!

Search for @actionheroteach and use #ActionHeroTeacher to keep a track of the chat.

I'll meet you there.



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