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AHT3: 'Personal Finance: Are Schools Rubbish at Teaching Money?' Summary

Guys, the 3rd #ActionHeroTeacher was another huge success! 2 weeks ago, the #EduTwitter tribe tackled Personal Finance education & the impact that it has on our students!

I want to say a huge thank for all those people who have helped make these Twitterchat interactive, fun & insightful! It was another strong showing with the #ActionHeroTeacher tweets being exposed to up to 38,000 times!

Thank you again for everything for all your support!

Without further adieu, let's look at the questions & the best responses of the night!

Q1. What is the greatest money lesson that you have learnt in Life & where did you learn it?

Q2. According to a article, 9 out of 10 UK adults felt 'undereducated' about personal finance & 72% did not invest in stocks, shares or investment funds.

Should Personal Finance be a separate GCSE subject? If not, what else can be done to improve our money knowledge?

Q3. "Over 100,000 in England attempt to take their lives each year due to debts, and four times that consider it." Martin Lewis - Money Saving Expert

12 million adults in the UK struggle to pay their bills on time because of debt payments.

Should schools do more to warn young people about the dangers of debt or should that fall to the parents?

Q4. "Inequality is now entrenched in Britain from birth to work, and the government needs to take urgent action to help close the privilege gap, the Social Mobility Commission says today (Tuesday 30 April)." Government Press release.

Do we live in a truly meritocratic society? Are there enough economic opportunities for everyone?

Q5. Can money buy happiness?

That was a fantastic chat which I feel raised some interesting discussion points on how Education should change to help our young people make sound financial decisions.

In fact, Neil Moggan (@futureaction1), Managing Director of Future Action - an organisation dedicated to providing practical financial education to young people, wrote a blog based on our chat called "Is It Time To Rethink Financial Education."

This post gives a fantastic context to the current conversations around finance in Education & what should be done to help our pupils. See the link below!

There you have it! I hope that you enjoyed the chat as much as I enjoyed hosting it! Do you want more interesting content like this? Then I have great news for you, my friend.

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