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The #ActionHeroTeacher Twitter chat is happening on SUNDAY 28th JUNE at 7pm* - Be There!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

George Floyd's name has been spoken across the world.

We all know the story. We all know what is happening now. But the question we should all be asking is:

What's going to happen next?

I wrote a blog about the impact that George Floyd's death had on the UK BAME community.

I wrote that we needed to face some uncomfortable truths and have those difficult conversations. I wrote that we needed to be honest, open and transparent about injustices in our society.

Now it's time to back up my own words.

We need to look at the UK Education system.

Join me on Sunday 28th June at 7pm* British Standard Time where I will host the first-ever #ActionHeroTeacher Twitter chat to look at how we teach in a multicultural classroom post-COVID19 & George Floyd.

There's some tough questions we have to answer:

Will we 'decolonise' the curriculum or stay with the status quo?

How do we respect our students' differences while trying to be inclusive?

Will we speak out louder against unfairness? Or stay silent?

What do British values mean in the 21st Century multicultural classroom? How do we help our students navigate this brave new world?

This won't be a puff-piece - the questions have been designed to create meaningful, robust dialogue with the best and brightest in UK Education, You.

On Sunday 28th June at 7pm*, make yourself a cuppa and be part of the conversation. Search for @actionheroteach and use #ActionHeroTeacher to keep a track of the chat.

I'll see you there.

(This was originally scheduled for Thursday 25th June but had to be moved for unforeseen circumstances - sincere apologies)*



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