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Get the Action Hero Teacher Book Half Price - For a Very Limited Time

Dear Teachers.

I know the feeling. Returning back to school, in the midst of this chaos, is hard.

You’re anxious & fed-up. Trying to work with a Government that makes more U-Turns than a learner driver.

Here’s something that will make you feel a little better.

Starting from today (Friday 4th September), the Action Hero Teacher book will be HALF-PRICE up to & including Wednesday 9th September before 10pm. This is for the Paperback & Kindle versions.

As it stands with 100% positive reviews, that’s a bit of a bargain which will add a little bit of light in these dark days.

And if you really like it, don’t forget to drop a review. 😎

Click the link below to get your ‘return to school’ discount. This is the best deal since Jurgen Klopp joined Liverpool.

Karl from



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